Our service

A comprehensive service to enable landowners and investors to build solar parks that will benefit from the UK Feed-In Tariffs

Our solar park service will take you through planning to project delivery and beyond

The full scope of Ownergy’s service varies depending on your requirements and the approach you decide to adopt (in particular whether developing the project yourself or leasing the opportunity to a third party developer).

The initial stages are largely common, whatever approach is later adopted:

For a brief overview, see below.

Before you do anything - beware of options agreements!

The rental you can get for allowing a solar farm on your land is likely to be better than most agricultural uses. However, giving away an option to a developer at an early stage may lock up your land without guaranteeing that the project will ever be installed as described here. Time is important as the tariffs go down in future years and so projects will become less attractive as time goes by.

It is much better to invest a little to get your own consent for the project, even if you then decide to lease the land out. You should make a profit on any costs you have incurred and will keep control of the process. We therefore strongly encourge you to continue with at least steps 2 and 3 below. If however you are inclined to sign an option agreement but want some advice, please feel free to talk to us.

Step 1 - Initial assessment

The first step of Ownergy's co-development service will give you a report on what the project might be worth including an indicative site rental figure.

Steps 2 and 3 - Survey, connection and planning consent

You will almost certainly get a better deal if you work with Ownergy to secure planning consent. You then still have the option to lease the land but might also choose the more lucrative option of co-developing the project. See fuller details of these steps here.

Step 4 - Project structuring

The main options you have to benefit from a solar park on your land are shown in Step 4 here.

In brief, you can either:

  • Maximise your financial return by developing the project yourself (see steps 5 & 6 below)
  • Choose to lease the land to a developer which will make by far the lowest returns but it does minimise your risk and any capital outlay (see 'Land Lease' below)

Step 5 and 6 - Project management

We will project manage the delivery of your solar park. This service includes the final design and tendering, and then the construction and commissioning of the solar park.

We have developed a template EPC contract which can be used to define the agreement between the project owner and the EPC contractor.

Step 7 - Tariff management and system maintenance

Once the solar park is built, we will register it for the tariffs and then undertake ongoing system management and maintenance to ensure you maximise your revenue from the solar park.

Land lease

If you would prefer to simply lease your land to a solar park developer and benefit from the rental income, despite the fact that this would be far lower than even part-financing it yourself, then we may be able to assist you in this.

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