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Ownergy has been at the forefront of the UK solar parks activity from the start

If you are familiar with the Feed-In Tariffs scheme in the UK, then you will know that it has been a roller coaster for larger PV systems.

As investors and landowners began to understand the opportunities for solar parks after the Feed-In Tariffs were introduced in April 2010, the enquiries began pouring in. We offer a step-by-step process from the first assessment of sites through to project management, registration and system O&M.

However, the government slashed the tariffs available to these installations with effect from August 2011, so the opportunities now are much more limited.

Case studies

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Ownergy-designed solar Park at Westcott in Buckinghamshire

Work with Ownergy

As project managers and co-developers of solar parks, there may still be opportunities for subcontractors and financing companies to work with us.

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