Solar farms and solar parks

Large-scale solar generating stations could be economic under the Feed-In Tariffs.

Ownergy has assessed and managed solar parks in selected locations around the country.

Ownergy will act as your partner in developing a PV Solar Park

Solar photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly popular worldwide as a clean source of bulk energy. The investment in new photovoltaic generation stations in Germany last year, for example, exceeded that in traditional coal, oil and gas plants.

The Feed-In Tariffs made it viable to adopt the same approach here in the UK, but are now changing.

Ownergy has assessed over a hundred prospective solar parks in different parts of the country, mostly in the range 300 kilowatts (kW) to 5 megawatts (MW). See more here.

Where to consider solar parks in the UK

The best location for a solar park will be a relatively flat site with unrestricted views to the South. Anywhere in southern England or Wales would be suitable, with the best locations where sunlight levels are highest (the South West tops the country's sunlight hours). Further North, the lower sunshine figures mean that output and therefore income and returns would be lower.

Locations with a substantial on-site electrical load are best, as these benefit from higher avoided power costs.

History of bulk solar generation

Would you believe that the first solar power station designed to feed power into the UK grid was installed back in 1982? The 30kW project was conceived by Ownergy's Philip Wolfe together with Donald Swift-Hook of the CEGB and installed on the old coal yard of the Marchwood Power Station.

In other countries the take-up has been substantially higher, and the first MW plant was installed in California in 1983.

Megawatt-scale plants are now commonplace, with the leading markets being Germany and Spain.

Ownergy's solar park co-developer service

Read about our solar park co-developer service

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