Solar Parks

Interested in a solar farm or solar park? Ownergy can help you

But the rules have changed - sadly!

From site assessment to project management, registration to O & M, we are the UK experts on solar parks

Solar parks were an attractive investment under the Feed-In Tariffs, providing an attractive rate of return for landowners and investors over a guaranteed 25 years.

Tariff levels are now changing - read this 'health warning' first.

Westcott Solar Park - Phase 1 built - later phases will cover the rest of the runway

A few key facts

Most of the projects we are working on are between 0.5 and 5 megawatts (MW). As a rough rule of thumb, here in the UK each MW of capacity will:

  • require about 2-3 hectares
  • produce about 750-950 MWhr/year
  • cost about £2.2-2.5m

The returns are best where there are large energy users on site, though pure grid-feed projects were also viable at the original tariff levels.

Brown-field sites are often the best but we have also worked on suitable green-field projects too.

Find out more about solar parks

Our solar park service

We are developers of solar parks in the sense that we secure planning permission for the project, manage the actual installation of the solar park, and then operate and manage the solar park through the lifetime of the Feed-In Tariffs. Our customers are typically the landowners or, if the project has been sold or the land leased, the financing company. We call this service 'co-development' to distinguish it from other so-called 'solar park developers' who focus solely on the ownership and financing of the scheme, many of which are our customers or are companies we partner with on behalf of our customers.

Read a full description of our Solar Park Co-Developer Service

Solar park enquiries

Our first step is to look at your site and carry out a desktop feasibility assessment.

To do this, please complete this online form

All you'll need is this basic information:

  • Site postcode (the form is linked to a mapping system which then allows you to pinpoint the exact site)
  • Approximate area available in hectares
  • Whether there is any energy usage on site; and if so how many kWh/year
  • Any plans you have for financing the project
  • Your contact details

This will enable us to consider Step 1 of our Co-Developer Service.

Getting offers for your land?

You may well already have people trying to secure options for your land, offering to develop projects for you, or encouraging you to consider a solar farm development.

Don't sign anything until you know what the prospect is worth!

To find out why click here

The first step of Ownergy's co-development service will give you a report on what the project might be worth, this includes an indicative site rental figure. You will almost certainly get a better deal if you work with Ownergy to secure planning consent. You then still have the option to lease the land, but might also choose the more lucrative option of co-developing the project.

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