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We can manage every aspect of your solar installation from concept through planning, installation, FIT registration and system monitoring. We will tailor our service to suit your needs.

We will tailor our service to suit your needs.

Step 1: Feasibility and budget

We will carry out a desktop study of your property and identify the most suitable location(s) for a solar photovoltaic array.

We will use online mapping and any further information that you can supply to prepare an initial assessment.  This report will cover: what is feasible, what the system will generate, likely tariff income, expected energy purchase savings and the expected development costs.

Submit details of your commercial property

If your enquiry concerns a household property we can still help you find an installer.  Please feel free to email us.

Step 2: Site survey and detailed proposal

We will undertake a full site appraisal which will include:

  • Verification of our initial findings
  • Condition assessment and dimensional check, for issue to our engineers
  • Any site and shading restrictions
  • Point of connection check
  • Preplanning preparation including photos and overview.

Once we have this information we will set out our detailed proposals for your consideration.

We place emphasis on securing the best long term value and rate of return.  This may not mean the largest installation possible and it may not mean the cheapest available.

Step 3: Clearing the obstacles

We can tailor our service to suit your specific needs and we can assist in overcoming all of the obstacles that may arise.  Some examples are given below and in the "case studies" section of the website.


Your local network supplier (DNO) will need to approve and accept the additional generation capacity which is to be connected to the grid.  This can take some time and we advise making an application early in the process.  DNOs sometimes charge a fee for his assessment.

It is worth checking that your local supply voltage is within tolerance.  If not, then the DNO is obliged to correct this.  We can organise such a check for you.

A strategy for managing you site consumption and points of supply is worthwhile in order to maximise returns.  We can advise on this.

Find out more about how we can help with grid connection


It is very likely that you will need to submit a planning application.  We can arrange this for you or work with your own planning consultant to make the application.

Find out more about how we can help with planning approval


It is important to ensure that the right mechanical support is installed.  We will consider every building carefully, refer the dimensions to our structural engineer, assess the condition and make recommendations for preparatory work if necessary.

Step 4: Delivery

We offer a full range of procurement routes, designed to suit our customers' needs.  These include:

  • Complete design and install ("turnkey") whereby we give you a lump sum price to do everything.  Probably the most cost effective for a simple "one off" project.
  • Construction management where we manage the project for a lump sum fee and you place the orders.  Suitable mor multi-site projects where the scope needs defining and the whole project needs managing.
  • Consultancy.  This is suitable on commercial developments where you want to engage us for our expertise to carry out a specific exercise or to act as part of your professional team.  This may be to provide strategic advice, or perhaps to prepare a planning application, be it rooftop, solar park or a heat technology.

In all cases we bring you the benefit of our broad experience in renewable technologies and incentives, commercial property and the farming sector.  This is coupled with access to our valued supply chain of install partners, equipment suppliers, utility companies and specialist consultants.  Because of our position in the market, we are able to secure extremely competitive prices.  We will, of course, ensure that your project is registered for Feed-in Tariffs upon completion.

Step 5: System management

Once installed, it is essential that:

  • You have a Feed-in Tariff licensee appointed straight away; and
  • Your system continues to perform as it should for the duration of the tariffs.

By choosing our tariff management service, we will assist you with your FIT application and advise you on your options annually concerning the export prices available.  We will set up a system to enable remote monitoring of your installation.  By doing this, we will know as soon as generation has dropped below expected levels and we will be able to react accordingly.  We charge a set up fee and a small percentage of your tariff income for this service.

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