Our Culture

We are committed to running our business
in the best interest of all our stakeholders -
our customers, our employees, our
partners and our shareholders

At Ownergy we understand that the way we act says as much about us as the service we deliver

Governance of Operations and Sustainability Practices

We believe there are several dimensions to a truly successful business. At the most fundamental level, its operations must serve the best interests of its existing stakeholders - customers, employees , partners and shareholders. But a business should be more than that. It must also act in the best interests of the wider community with sustainable social and environmental practices.

We set up Ownergy committed to acting on these principles and so we enshrined them in our business procedures through our Governance of Operations and Sustainability Practices (GOSP). The library of these procedures is maintained online in what we call the 'Gosple' - not because we can't spell, but because it contains the GOSP's Latest Editions. If you are interested, here's the introduction.

Our Operations and Sustainability Practices

As a young business, our business processes are still evolving, so we are developing the operational procedures to serve the best interests of:

  • Customers - by establishing quality procedures designed to meet the requirements of international quality standard ISO 9000
  • Employees - by fostering an excellent working environment, training and developing our people based on the principle of Investors in People
  • Shareholders - through good governance and comprehensive reporting on all aspects of the business.

Sustainability is embedded in all our operational practices, where in addition to the above we have given particular attention to:

  • Environmental standards - including our usage of energy and other resources, where we are working towards the requirements of international standard ISO 14000
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - where in addition to reporting our performance we would aim, when listed to become eligible for the FTSE4good index
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