About Ownergy

We specialise in the delivery of large or bespoke solar PV systems for the Feed-In Tariffs scheme

Ownergy is here so our customers can make energy make money

Ownergy was founded to help our customers make money by making energy through the new Government-backed renewable energy tariffs, specifically the Feed-In Tariffs which have been live since April 2010. Our area of speciality is the delivery of large or bespoke solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, either solar parks or roof mounted systems on agricultural barn roofs.

Our people

Our team lives and breathes renewable energy. In fact, before founding Ownergy our Managing Director, Philip Wolfe, was the head of the Renewable Energy Association and in that role was the man responsible for persuading the Government to introduce the tariffs in the first place.

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We are expanding rapidly so there are often opportunities to join the team. For the latest jobs, check the current vacancies.

Our partners

To help our customers install their tariff-compliant renewable energy systems, we work with a host of partner companies that are all leaders in their respective fields. We have a network of delivery partners the length and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales who are all fully qualified and certified to install renewable energy systems. We have supply partners who provide us with the finest renewable energy products available. We have finance partners who are able to help our customers pay for the systems they want to install. Finally, we have our alliance partners who work closely with Ownergy to meet the needs of their specific customer base.

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Our culture

And finally, a bit about us. We are passionate about renewable energy and the benefits this technology can bring in terms of environmental impact and energy independence in these times of rising energy costs. However, we are also a business and a young one at that. As such, we have the opportunity to run a business the way we believe a business should be run. A business where all our stakeholders – our customers, our employees and our shareholders – mutually benefit. And a business where we take the wider view and work in the best interests of the community and environment we work within. We have enshrined these principles at the heart of the business and are looking forward to experiencing the results.

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Our details

Our address and contact details can be found on this page.

We are legally obliged and happy to provide the additional following details:

Ownergy Plc is registered in England No. 06956816 VAT No. 976 3309 89. Principal place of business: Lyon House, 160-166 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1LB

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