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Ownergy ceased trading in 2012 because
repeated changes to the Feed-In Tariffs and delays to the Renewable Heat Incentive undermined the company's business

Solar Parks

We managed the design and implementation of the UK's first solar park and others before the tariffs were reduced.

We assessed over 100 solar park prospects and helped landowners and developers obtain planning approval.

Rooftop Systems

We were leaders in the delivery of large roof-mounted solar PV, especially on barn roofs, to help our customers benefit from the Feed-In Tariffs

Our service

Ownergy has now ceased trading (see why here). We used to specialise in the delivery of large or complex renewable energy systems to maximise the financial return for our customers. Our main focus was the installation of solar PV for barn roofs and solar parks.

We also had the capabilities and experience of installing not only solar PV on other property types but also the delivery of any renewable energy system that were eligible for the Feed-In Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentive.

Updates from Ownergy

April 2012: Ownergy ceases trading - sorry! - and thanks to all our customers

09/02/2012: The government publishes its response to the infamous PV consultation - see here

25/11/2011: After a long wait, the RHI is to be launched on Monday 28 November - see here

31/10/2011: Comprehensive review slashes all PV tariffs from 12th December 3rd March - see here

Ownergy has now extended the first solar park to go live - see here.

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